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Beautiful Baskets filled with Coffee, Teas and other Breakfast Essentials.

Breakfast Essentials Basket Stonewall Kitchen Breakfast Basket Coffee Lover's Delight
Coffee Lover's Delight
Our Price: $49.00
A selection of breakfast essentials including fresh bagels and muffins, coffee, tea, fresh fruits and more. This basket is available for in store pick-up or local delivery only. A breakfast feast from Stonewall Kitchen, including pancake mix, syrup and jam. A treat for any coffee lover. Send someone this perfect 'pick me up' basket.
Breakfast with a Friend Stonewall Pancake Breakfast Basket
Breakfast with a Friend
Our Price: $49.00
A Stonewall Kitchen pancake breakfast is a perfect way to brighten someones day! Send someone a delicious Stonewall Kitchen pancake breakfast, with your choice of maple or blueberry syrup.
Also available with Stonewall Gluten-free pancake and waffle mix.