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A Variety of Choices to Provide a Gift of the Finest Italian Products.

Italian Colander (small) Italian Colander (large) Pastene Basket
Italian Colander (small)
Our Price: $49.00
Italian Colander (large)
Our Price: $69.00
Pastene Basket
Our Price: $69.00
All the makings of an Italian pasta dinner
in a stainless steel colander.
A stainless steel colander filled with all the ingredients for an Italian feast. Since 1874 Pastene has stood for quality, purity and good taste in Italian cuisine.
Choose from Classic Pastene (shown)
or Pastene with Seafood.
Italian Foods Basket Deluxe Italian Foods Basket
Italian Foods Basket
Our Price: $75.00
Traditional Italian foods, from appetizers to desserts, presented in a handled basket.
An overwhelming selection of Italian foods, pasta, sauce, balsamic vinegar and much more. Designed to impress!